Another Fine Dayuk
Forgotten Sunrise Syndrone
Hea Une Keskus
Lau Naufin
Lost Harboursuk
Stereo Hypnosisis
The Star Pillowit
Vaiko Eplik elektroonika
Valdur Mikita


  • thursday, 4 august:
  • 18:00 Kukemuru djs, ping-pong, chill
  • N.B. entry for 4th of august is free.
  • friday, 5 august:
  • 18:30 Woldemare
  • 19:30 KY
  • 20:30 Lost Harbours
  • 21:30 Dogon
  • 23:00 Lau Nau
  • 00:30 The Star Pillow
  • 01:30 Wojaz
  • saturday, 6 august:
  • 13:00 ping-pong tournament
  • 15:00 music quiz
  • 17:00 Valdur Mikita
  • 19:00 ekke
  • 20:00 Stereo Hypnosis
  • 21:00 Vaiko Eplik elektroonika
  • 22:00 Hea Une Keskus
  • 23:00 Another Fine Day
  • 00:30 Hüpnosaurus
  • 01:30 Forgotten Sunrise Syndrone
Organizers have the right to make changes in the schedule *
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Kukemuru Ambient Festival’s original idea (established by ambient musician Kaido Kirikmäe and designer Sander Meentalo) was born in 2013 and the first event was held the same year in August. “More sound, less music” – Kukemuru Ambient Festival’s main idea is to present ambient-culture (music, visual aspect) in a natural environment and thereby to create organic coherence between modern culture and nature.

Event’s important keywords are high quality sound, tasty food, pleasant atmosphere, closeness to nature, environmental friendliness, exciting choice of performers and cognizant audience.

Within three years the festival has presented various ambient music from around the world – among others an internationally renowned artist like Biosphere from Norway, Cabaret Voltaire’s founder + the world's leading recorder of wildlife Chris Watson and the early 90’s British ambient-house duo Ultramarine from Essex.

Kukemuru Ambient was recognized at The Conference of Citizens’ Associations in 2015 as “a good and special initiative” and the festival is reckoned to be amongst the most important summer music events in Estonia.